Contest URL: Give Me A Name Contest

Deadline: May 8, 2009

T-Shirt (RM25)

As for grand opening for Kedai Pereka Design Baju , they organize a contest to name their name of their shop.

I suggest the name for their new shop are:

T-Design or TDesign or TD

T: is the short form for t-shirt
Design: you are emphasis on design
D: Also short for design or designer.

Why you must choose this name? It is easy to remember. Wasn't the first rule of naming a brand make it as hip, short and easy to remember.

Meanwhile for the t-shirt design, I suggest you do something funny or phrase that is famous. Do for various for genre :cartoon, politics, music and etc.

How to enter:
1. Write a post include this anchor text 'Kedai' and the link is

2. Leave a comment or suggestion about the shop, design or anything else in your post.
3. Leave a comment at the contest post,click here