Contest URL: Raging Tech Twitter Contest - WIN $20 USD PayPal

Deadline: April 30, 2009

How to enter:

1. Follow @ragingtech and Tweet about this contest on Twitter and link to this blog post directly. Here’s some example text if you need it:

“RT @ragingtech Enter to win $20 USD PayPal “Just for the heck of it” Contest, Retweet to win! #ragingwin”

- but you probably will not have much of a chance for winning the 2nd Prize for most creative Tweet if you only copy the text. Be sure to include @ragingtech and the #ragingwin if you want your submission to count.

2. Comment on this post, and be sure to fill out the form with a link to your blog and a working e-mail address if you want to be able to notify you when you win.

3. Blog about this contest - Post a 100 word or more blog post about this contest, and be sure your blog has trackback or pingback enabled, or leave a comment below with the direct URL to your post.

1st prize: $20 USD paid via PayPal,
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The Greatest Blog Contest - 1289$ of prizes to be won

Contest URL:
The Greatest Blog Contest: Win $1289.06

Deadline: April 30, 2009

How to enter:
  • Subscribe to RSS email Subscription.

@BloggerAgent001 I am participating in the Greatest Blog Contest to win Prizes worth 1289.06$. Contest @

  1. Two copy of Comodo Internet Security Pro from Comodo  (2X39$ = 78$)
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  10. 795.00$ worth of prizes from CreWind our Super Sponsor (details below) is celebrating their new launching website by organizing a contest that worth $50. You can keep an update to soccer by following their soccer tips and football predictions and with their new GoTipsters Cash Competition

Contest URL: $50 Plus Prizes With My GoTipsters Cash Competition!

April 12, 2009

How to enter:
120 Points:
A post on your site with 1 (one) link to using the anchor text ‘soccer tips and football predictions’ and 1 (one) link to this competition page using any anchor text.

100 Points: Write a blog post about my GoTipsters website in your blog (minimum 200 words).

70 Points: Add to your blogroll!

60 Points: Leave a comment on another sport blog or website letting them know about GoTipsters website. (Then email at info[at]gotipsters dot com with the link of the website which contains your comment).

50 Points: Signing up to Text Link Ads! (please email at info[at]gotipsters dot com to notify that you have signed up).

50 Points: Subscribe to feed by Email. Comment at the contest post, your email address used for feed and your name used.

For the first 3 person who returns a comment with the requirements of the 120 point system, get additional 100 points each.

Not only that, for the FIRST person who completes all of the tasks above, get bonus 100 points for your efforts!!

  1. Grand Prize: $50 cash Paid via PayPal
  2. Exclusive and private 3 socer tips
  3. A one moneth free 125x125 banner in

Contest URL: GrandZine Contest - Best of Wordpress Themes!

Deadline: May 1, 2009

How to enter:
  1. URL to the site that is powered by Wordpress.
  2. Post the name of the designer (or design company) of the template if known.
Prizes:1st Prize will be a free template of your choice from TemplateKingdom and an additional of $20 cash via Paypal.


2nd Prize will be a free logo designed by LogoDesignTeam depends on your needs and an additional $10 cash via Paypal payment.


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Did you kids birthday is just around the corner? Your kids always complain about their bed? What you gonna do? Well, Come and join this contest.

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Wasn't that easy? Ask your friend to join in. This contest deadline is April 13, 2009.

Contest URL: Make Money Online Contest

Deadline: April 30, 2009


1. USD$50 from Ben Pei Personally.

2. A Copy Of Alvin’s Atomic Blogging 3.0, $47

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Step Four
Leave a comment on the contest post with your Twitter ID, Subscription Email and Your Blog Post URL

Chris Birthday Bash Contest

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Contest URL: Chris Birthday Bash Contest

Deadline: April 10, 2009

How to enter:

1. Blog about thecontest with the sponsors links. (required) 5 points
2. Subscribe to Wonderful Things In Life. Only one email per person. (required) 4 points
3. Put the contest banner in your sidebar.  (required) 2 points

4. Put the URL Post with your comment - (required) 2 points

1. Subscribe their stores/blog - 3 points each
* MB Online Express
* Cathy's Sweet Pea Toad Store
* Homemade Beads Jewelry And More
* Rockerchic Online Store
* Luckygirltrading Etsy Shop
* Mea Culpa Body and bath's page
* My @Ventures
2. Digg the contest - 2 points
3. Technorati fave it - 2 points
4. Stumble it - 2 points
5. Refer anybody to join let the referred person mention your name - 2 points each
6. Follow any sponsors - 1 point

To submit the entries:

* Blog Entry:
* Subscribe email:
* Banner:
* Location + comment:
* Subscribe to the store/s:(write the email add you use)
* Digg: (username)
* Technorati: (username)
* Stumbleupon: (username)
* Followed: (write the link whom you follow)
* Total Points:


First Prize: 22,500

* 5000 EC - The Joy Of Life Forever
* 4000 EC - My Life's Adventure
* 4000 EC - Life's Adventure
* 4000 EC - My Online Adventures
* 2000 EC - The Designers Blog
* 1000 EC - The Fountain Of Happiness
* 500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Thoughts & Beyond
* 500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Tere's World
* 500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - New life on Our Own
* 500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Songs Lyrics Collection
* 500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Free Text Messages SMS & Quotes
* 125x125 ad space for 2 months - Love Is A Perfect Gift
* Blog review -
* Domain plus Blog Hosting - Pinay Mommy Online
* $25 Gift Card - Rockerchic Online Store

Second Prize: 17,000
* 3500 EC - Guilty Pleasure
* 3000 EC - Chuchies's Hideaway
* 2000 EC - Simplement Belles
* 2000 EC - Cookings' Fun
* 2000 EC - WhereAbouts
* 2000 EC - Seek No More
* 1500 EC - Twinkletoe Writing Space
* 1000 EC - Blessings and Beyond
* 125 x 125 widget ad - Dancing in Midlife Tune
* 125x125 Ads space for 1month -
* 125x125 Ads space for 1month - MyCandypastel
* website review - Health Is Wealth
* 1yr. domain - Joyoz Photography
* $10 coupon - Mea Culpa Body and bath's page

Third Prize: 14,000
* 1500 EC - Nesting Buddy
* 1500 EC - Mommy's Little Corner
* 1500 EC - Things About Computer
* 1000 EC - Life and Scraps
* 1000 EC - Lourdes' Mia
* 1000 Ec - Mommy Emotes
* 1000 EC - Moolah Musings
* 1000 EC - ILUV Contests
* 1000 EC - The Ruby Posts
* 1000 EC - Budget Blogging
* 1000 EC - Micah Izabel
* 1000 EC - Beyond Feron dot Com
* 125X125 ad space for 2 months - Hot in Singapore
* 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Survivor: The Reality Of My Life
* 125x125 ad space for 2 weeks - Walkingnewspaper
* 125x125 ad space for 2 weeks - of being a Medical Student
* Blog makeover - Femikey's Design
* Fused glass pendant of your choice - Luckygirltrading Etsy Shop(pic is here)

Fourth Prize: 10,000
* 1000 EC - Eastcoastlife
* 1000 EC - I Thought So
* 1000 EC - My Piece of Paradise
* 1000 EC - Family Health and Home
* 1000 EC - Simple Happy Life
* 1000 EC - My kitchen
* 1000 EC - My Whole New World
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Fifth Prize: 9,000
* 1000 EC - Johann David
* 1000 EC - Mama's Sanity
* 1000 EC - The Certified Fashionable
* 1000 EC - Babette's Definitely MAYBE!
* 1000 EC - Everything PLUS the Kitchen Sink
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* 1000 EC - Words of Love
* 1000 EC - My Library
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* 1 brooch - My @Ventures pic here.

Sixth Prize: 8,000
* 1000 EC - The Journey Of My life
* 1000 EC - Barbie Doll
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* 1000 EC -
* 1000 EC - MB Designs
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* 1000 EC - PinayMamaBlog
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* 125x125 banner ads for 1 month - Joyouz Journal and Designs
* 1 set bracelet & earrings - Handmade Jewelry and More pic here.

7th Prize: 7,000
* 500 EC - My Online Diary
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8th Prize: 6,000
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9th Prize: 5,000
* 500 EC - Diva Fabulosa
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* 500 EC - Chica Chika
* 500 EC - Health and Beauty Diva
* 500 EC - Davao Life
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10th Prize: 4,000

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Special Prizes: US Only

* Amigurumi Bunny - Cathy's Sweet Pea Toad Store (pic here or here to see the prize) - US only
* 1 pair of scarf & crochet hat - MB Online Express - US only
* 1 pair of earrings - Wonderful Things In Life
* 1 hanes longsleeve - My Life's Adventure
* 3 pcs. of miniture basket - Health Is Wealth

1. Blog should be at least 2 months old and updated.
2. Post should be original. First Contest

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Contest URL: First Contest

Deadline: April 26, 2009


First Prize:

Second Prize:
Third Prize: 


Must be a member of

How to enter:

  1. Save as bookmark on
  2. Subscribe to feed
  3. Follow us on

After you done this, post a comment at the contest with this detail:

  1. Your username
  2. Feed subscribe e-mail
  3. Your username

Spring Fling Banner
Contest URL: Ask Ms Recipe’s Spring Fling Contest !

Deadline: April 3, 2009


First Prize Winner Receives 42,000 Entrecard Credits +Extras from the following Great Sponsors:

  • Ask Ms Recipe 2,500 Entrecard Credits +Top Space 1 Month 125 located in sticky post.

  • E-Pamilya 1,000 Entrecard Credits + 125 Ad Space 1 Month

Second Prize Winner Receives from the following Great Sponsors:

3rd Place Receives 19,000 Entrecard Credits + Custom Blog Layout and Ad Space:

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4th Place Receives 13,500 from the follow Sponsors:

5th Place Receives 10,500 Entrecard Credits+Ad Space:

6th Place Receives 9,000 Entrecards+ Ad Space:

  • Vday 1000 Entrecard Credits

7th Place Receives 6,500 Entrecard Credits+ Ad Space

9th Place Prizes 2,358 Entrecard Credits +Ad Space

10th Place Receives 1500 Entrecard Credits

Special Prizes from Sponsors:

Only open to people who live in one of these countries only. You must include the country you live in to qualify for this drawing.
1 Pair of Earrings from Homemade Jewelry (USA only)6 Month Subscription Soap Subscription from Copper Cauldron (USA, Canada or Mexico)
4 Recycled Crayons from Mama’s Little Monkeys (USA only)

100 Personalized Cards 1 design (100 cards), or 2 designs (50 Cards)
(27.00 Value)Dublicious

Extra Prizes:
First 4 Valid Contest Submissions Receive the Follow from Sponsors:

2 Lucky Winners Win 500 Entrecard Credits for the Most Creative Post from:

The Last Person who Enters the Contest will Win 500 Entrecard Credits From:

Active blogging, blog post in English, write a blog post includes 1 of the banners, a link to Ask Me Recipe, and link to all of the sponsors.

How to enter:
1. Write a post about the contest, include the contest banner and a link to Ask Me Recipe as well as link to the sponsors.- compulsory
2.Subscribe to feed via email, click here. - compulsory
3. Include the name of the country. - optional
4. Submit your own recipe. - optional
5. Choose one of the 2 banner, click here. - compulsory

Contest URL: Filipina Blogger Birthday

Deadline: April 30, 2009



$50 cold hard paypal cash plus a chance to win the following as well:


* $50 cold hard paypal cash

* 100,000 Entrecard Credits

* 5 Free Ad Space on sites with Pagerank


* 30,000 Entrecard Credits

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* Blog Review from Hot in Singapore


* 20,000 Entrecard Credits

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* Blog Review from Make or Break


* 25,0000 Entrecard Credits

* 4 Free Ad Space on sites with Pagerank



* 4 Free Ad Space on sites with Pagerank

* T-shirt from Anything Under the Sun ( if the winner is from the Philippines )

2 SPECIAL PRIZE will go to the top point earner that didn’t win any of the MAJOR PRIZES

Each will get

* 1 x 5000 Entrecard Credits

* 1 x Dot com Domain 


Anybody who has a blog that is at least ONE MONTH OLD and has at least 15 posts.


Compulsory (2 points):

Write a blog post/review about Pinayjade blog with at least 100 words and tag your post with Pinayjade. Include 2 link to PinayJade with the following anchor text :
  • Filipina blogger -
  • Another link to any other old blog post.
Gain extra points:

1) Invite your readers to the contest by writing a blog post including the link to the contest post and the complete list of sponsors. [3 points]

2) Subscribe by Email to the cash sponsors [1 point for each blog you subscribe to]and comment at the sponsor’s blog saying that you have subscribed courtesy of the contest. [1 valid email address only per blogger.]

3) Digg blog posts from the Pinayjade: [ 1 point each] 1 Digg acct. per blogger.

Filipina Blogger


Pictures and Cultures

Chica Chika

Leave a comment with the digged post and your username.

4) Stumble blog posts at the blogs mentioned on #3. Leave a comment with the stumbled post and your username. [ 1 point each]1 stumble acct. per blogger

5) Place any of the badges you will find here on your blog sidebar, max 2 different badges [ 1 point each ]

6) Fave the blogs mentioned on #3 on Technorati. [1 points for each blog you subscribe to]

Contest URL:
Win Prizes from Best on Blogspot

Deadline: May 1, 2009

$30 – to the blog with the most overall votes

$10 – to a random email subscriber

Paid via PayPal

How To Enter:

To enter the contest, you will need to do one of the following:

Submit a blog

Subscribe to Best on Blogspot via email to keep up to date with poll and contest updates

Another chance to win $10:
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Best on Blogspot is giving you the chance to win $10 (via PayPal).
Entering into the draw is simple and straight forward, all you need to do is:

Forward this email onto 5 of your friends as well as and Gerri will put you in the draw each time he receives an email from you that has been forwarded to 5 of your friends. You can enter as many times as you like - number of friends permitting of course.

Be sure to stop by
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Online College Edu Blogger Scholarship Contest

Contest URL: Participate and Win $750 from Learn QTP

Deadline: March 30, 2009


First Place:

Second Place: $250

Third Place: $100

Winner will be chosen using and paid via PayPal

How to enter:
  1. Subscribe to the contest blog via email.
  2. Comment at the contest post with your email which you have subscribed.
  3. Visit this link to increase our chances to win this contest.

Contest URL: Awkward Ringtone Moment

Deadline: May 1, 2009

  • 1st prize winner will receive a Flip Mino HD Camcorder,
  • 2nd prize winner a 8GB iPod Nano and
  • 3rd prize winner a 2GB iPod Shuffle.
How to enter:
Send to SendMe Stage Blog a description of your top ”Awkward Ringtone Moment” to

Custom Blog Wear Set Giveaway

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Contest URL: win Custom Blog Wear Set Giveaway

Deadline: March 17, 2009


A Blog Wear Set consists of one background layout, one header and sidebar

How to enter:

1. Leave comment (at the contest post).
2. Write post on your blog about 'Custom Blog Wear Set Giveaway'.

Contest URL: Celebrate Easter With the Wholesale Furniture Brokers Blog Contest

Deadline: April 14, 2009

$500 gift certificate towards FREE kids furniture

How to Enter:
Write a blog post that includes the following:
1. In 100 - 200 words, explain which kids furniture item you would like to win your kids for Easter. Convince them why you deserve to win. (Item must be chosen from Wholesale Furniture Brokers.)
2. Include a link to the furniture you'd like to win. (Don't worry, if you win, you can change your mind.)
3. Link to one of their kids furniture categories. (Sample link code is below for your convenience.)
4. You're authorized to use any image from WFB in your post.
5. Publish your post.
6. Notify them by email at

Win A Trip To St. Louis

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Contest URL:

Ten weekly winners will be drawn on or about March 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, April 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, and May 4th and 11th

One Grand Prize Winner drawn on June 1st will receive: A trip for two to St. Louis for the baseball festivities (including airfare, hotel and $2,000 in spending money)

Open: Legal residents of the 50 U.S. (and D.C.) 13 years of age or older

For more information, please click


Contest URL: Win $200+ prizes from Techuse Blog

Deadline: April 15, 2009


1st prize -

  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page.

2nd prize -

  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page.

3rd prize -

  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page
How to enter:

Subscribe to Techuse - 5 Entries and mandatory

Comment on the blog - 2 Entries per 5 comments

Social Bookmarking - 1 Entry per social bookmark.

Post about the contest in your blog with the sponsor links and prizes included - 10 entries per blog entry


Contest URL: Win a Wordpress Blog - Move From Blogger To Wordpress

Deadline: April 30, 2009

  • One Year Blog Hosting with BlueHost
  • Domain Name (Subject to availability)
  • Thesis Wordpress Theme
  • Custom Header, Logo and Banner
  • Wordpress, Thesis And Plug-ins Installations
  • Blog Transfer: Blogger To Wordpress
  • One Month Free Support + 30 Minutes Telephone Support
  1. This contest is open to anyone who has a Blogger Blog.
  2. Your blog should be at least 2 months old and must have over 20 unique posts.
How to enter:
  1. Subscribe to TheWeblogZone's feed, click here.
  2. Post about the contest and tell why you should win.
  3. When you’re done publishing your post, come back to the contest post, click here and leave the URL of your post in the comment.
  4. If you have multiple Blogger blogs, you can enter each of them in this contest provided they meet the requirements stated above.


Contest URL: Follow On Twitter And Win 100 Dollars

Deadline: May 1, 2009

$100 via PayPal

How to enter:
  1. Follow on Twitter, click here
  2. Tweet this message:
"Just Entered in $100 Contest. Follow @idito and Retweet. ...He Also Follows Back!!!!"

Contest URL: Full Tilt Blogging

Announced: April 2, 2009


Grand prize: Apple iPod Nano 8Gb

Second place: $25 iTunes Gift Card

Third place: $15 iTuns Gift Card

How to enter:

Enter your Twitter username & password in the form on TwiterContest, and then hit the Enter Contest button

Contest URL: TemplateZine Subscribers Contest

Deadline: March 16, 2009


10 subscribers will be selected each winning $10 cash (paying through PayPal).

How to enter:
Subscribe to the contest feed here. And post a comment like ‘I’m in!’, ‘Subscribed!’ or anything so that we know that you have subscribed to our blog =) We will contact you through email.

Talk about the Subscribers Contest in your blog or website to double your chance of winning! Inform TemplateZine about your Blog post in the comment and they will create an additional entry in our draw for you!

This contest is open for everyone who own blogs site. Even more participation in the contest entitles you for a fabulous prize.

Your mission is to post the entire descriptions given below along with the prize list in your blog sites. All you have to do is copy the entire description and paste it in you blog and publish it.
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The all new is a jumbo website that has aptly answered the need for a one stop shop for all web design needs. The site is the brainchild of; a reputed Chennai based B2B Services Company that is well-known for its quality Web products and services. 

The purpose of the Memberwind site is to act as a common access point to six product websites of Crewind. It gives the users one year access to a range of web products like templates, icons, illustrations, banners, logos and brochures, all for a single membership fee of just $39. Apart from getting hassle free access to all the six sites for a single signup, the members also become eligible to access all the new products updated on these sites from time to time.

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Win $100 Cash and 2000 Entrecard Credit

April 2, 2009

How To Enter:

Post a comment (click here) and include with the post URL- compulsory
Post this contest include the sponsor and the prizes – compulsory
Winners Will be selected using

The Prizes:

These are the prizes for 3 winners:

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Every participants will get $2 cash prize isn't that FUN! If you posted our contest on one of your blog you will get cash prize $2. Posts the contest on your other blogs and get more Cash prize.
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