Chimera, Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of nail polish and nail art pens

My favorite Chimera nail polish and nail art pens color is red. Why do I choose red color? Red attract others to notice you and it usually worn by women who are sexy. Besides that, red also goes with many fashion styles too. Try red now to, let other noticed you.

Contest URL: Chimera’s Chimy Chick Twitter-n-Blog Contest

Deadline: June 12, 2009 ( 12.00 a.m)


First Prize - $50 Cash or gift voucher
Second Prize - $30 Cash or gift voucher
Third Prize - $20 Cash or gift voucher

How to enter:
  1. Enter a link to your Chimera blog posting in the box below.
  2. Enter your Twitter id in the box below at the contest post.
  3. Enter your email address in the box at the contest post.
  1. Contestants must post a review about their favorite Chimera color on thier personal blog. POsts must b a minimum of 50 words and should contain a link to Chimera website.
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  3. All contestants must subscribe to Chimera's RSS feed at