BudgetGadgets is an online retail business site which have many electronics gadget and many more. BudgetGadgets list electronic prize as low as $1.99. BudgetGadgets is alatest quality gadget wholesale and this time BudgetGadget become the sponsor for BloggerStop contest.

Contest URL:
Win Big - Web Cam and TV Remote at BloggerStop

Deadline: May 8, 2009


First Prize:

Robot Dog Shaped Web Cam

Second Prize:

Universal Television remote

How to enter:

Visit BudgetGadgets.com(sponsors) and simply name the product you liked the most in any of the categories as a comment here. [3 entries]

More ways to gain entries:
1. Write about the contest at your blog and link to the contest blog (http://bloggerstop.net) and the sponsors - BudgetGadgets (http://budgetgadgets.com) (do not use rel="nofollow" tags while linking) [10 entries]
2. Review the website - BudgetGadgets.com in your blog. [5 entries]
3. Write about this contest in any of the online-forums. [5 entries]
4. Subscribe to the BloggerStop,click here: [3 entries]

5. Add these banners to your blog.
  • Banner 1 (dimensions 468 X 210): [5 entries]
  • Banner 2 (dimensions 360 X 360): [3 entries]
  • Banner 3 (dimensions 125 X 125): [2 entries]
6. Add BloggerStop.Net to your Technorati Faves [2 entries]
7. Add this post Del.icio.us [2 entries]
8. Follow
BloggerStop.Net, using Google Friend Connect [3 entries]
9. Follow
@BloggerStop.Net and BudgetGadgets at Twitter [3 + 3 entries]
10. ReTweet about the contest. [2 entries]

Win a Robot-Dog Web Cam, TV Remote, Black Leather Mobile Cover at http://BloggerStop.Net (http://is.gd/sy87) RT @BloggerStop

NOTE 1: The posting should be in the correct category in the forum, and should not be deleted before the contest ends.
NOTE 2: If any of the participant mentions your name as the referrer, then you'll get 5
additional entries while the new participant gets 3 additional entries.
NOTE 3: Multiple entries are allowed.
NOTE 4: Multiple retweets are allowed, but limited to 5 tweets per day (and only 1 tweet per hour). Send the links of all tweets to me (as a comment here) at the end of the contest, to add them to your entries.

First Special Prize:

And the third prize (cell phone leather cover), is for the one who earns maximum entries during the contest period (although luck doesn't play any role here, but just in case two people score the maximum number of entries, then there will be a lucky draw between the two).

TIP: If you are competing for this prize, then check on the last day if you are still the one with maximum entries.

Second Special Prize:

If the last commenter is a member of Entrecard, then s/he will win 2,500 credits from Bikes.BloggerStop.Net
NOTE: You can make multiple comments, to be the last commenter, but make sure you are eligible for competing.

Comment in this Format:
Fav. Product: [category]

Blog Post: Link1, Link2 etc.
Review: Link1, Link2, etc.
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Total Entries:
NOTE 1: All entries will be finalized by BloggerStop.Net.
NOTE 2: In case of multiple entries, use the same username/profile while commenting and mention only the additional tasks completed by you.