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Contest URL: Ask Ms Recipe’s Spring Fling Contest !

Deadline: April 3, 2009


First Prize Winner Receives 42,000 Entrecard Credits +Extras from the following Great Sponsors:

  • Ask Ms Recipe 2,500 Entrecard Credits +Top Space 1 Month 125 located in sticky post.

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  • Vday 1000 Entrecard Credits

7th Place Receives 6,500 Entrecard Credits+ Ad Space

9th Place Prizes 2,358 Entrecard Credits +Ad Space

10th Place Receives 1500 Entrecard Credits

Special Prizes from Sponsors:

Only open to people who live in one of these countries only. You must include the country you live in to qualify for this drawing.
1 Pair of Earrings from Homemade Jewelry (USA only)6 Month Subscription Soap Subscription from Copper Cauldron (USA, Canada or Mexico)
4 Recycled Crayons from Mama’s Little Monkeys (USA only)

100 Personalized Cards 1 design (100 cards), or 2 designs (50 Cards)
(27.00 Value)Dublicious

Extra Prizes:
First 4 Valid Contest Submissions Receive the Follow from Sponsors:

2 Lucky Winners Win 500 Entrecard Credits for the Most Creative Post from:

The Last Person who Enters the Contest will Win 500 Entrecard Credits From:

Active blogging, blog post in English, write a blog post includes 1 of the banners, a link to Ask Me Recipe, and link to all of the sponsors.

How to enter:
1. Write a post about the contest, include the contest banner and a link to Ask Me Recipe as well as link to the sponsors.- compulsory
2.Subscribe to feed via email, click here. - compulsory
3. Include the name of the country. - optional
4. Submit your own recipe. - optional
5. Choose one of the 2 banner, click here. - compulsory