10000 ec credit contest

Contest URL:
The Entrecard 10,000 EC Credit Giveaway Contest

Deadline: March 16, 2009


Entrecard 10,000 EC Credit

How to participate:
  1. Earn Two(2) Entries: Add your link into Link Listings.  Simply navigate to a category that defines your blog, and then click the 'Add Site' link that will appear in the navigation bar. 

    Enter your site information, and forget about the reciprocal link on the Add Link form, it's not required, but it sure is appreciated if you want to reciprocate with a link on your site.

    You can find out more about LinkListings.net here.
  2. Earn One(1) additional Entry: Write a Post.  Write a post telling your readers about the contest.  The two things you need to include in the post are a link to this post here, and a link to LinkListings.net.  All links should be 'nofollow' free, and feel free to use the 125 image above.

    I recommend you also provide a link to the category on LinkListings.net (maybe as an example to your Entrecard readers) where your listing will be displayed when it is approved.  It will give your listing there a little more 'oomph' to help drive more traffic to your own site later on.  You don’t need to, it would simply help things if you did.

    Feel free to use this graphic if you want: linklistings
  3. Comment here.  You'll need to let me know that you have completed one or more of the above steps.  Simply leave me a comment with the link to the post you wrote on your blog.    The link to the post should be left in the comment area and not the URL field.  (The URL field gets truncated beyond the root domain, so leave your full link in the comment area)
  4. Get Verified.  Once you complete the above, I'll see your comment here and I'll then verify the above steps have been completed.  Once I verify the above steps were completed properly, I will email you to confirm your entry and leave a comment here in response.  Please allow me 24 to 48 hours, perhaps longer if things go crazy.  Either way, you can check back here to ensure you are entered.