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February 28, 2009

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# 1 Thou Shall Blog

One hour blog consultation via Skype worth $100 (RM350) by Yan Susanto,
founder of Thou Shall Blog Dot Com who is freelance consultant and
full-time blogger with a simple principle of “Doing What I Love Most”.
It’s your one shot chance to ask Yan anything related to blogging.
He’ll also share with you his own secret formula on how to take your
blog to the next level. It’s designed to shave quite a bit off your
learning curve. If you don’t have a blog, he will guide you how to set
up one.

Attention: Yan Susanto is one of the prominent authority blogger in “Blog For Beginners”
niche. I personally feel so excited what he will share during the one
hour consultation and want to participate in this contest too. Readers,
may you guys allow me to sign up too? :)

# 2

Borders Vouchers worth $28 (RM100) by,
Malaysia leading Online Lifestyle Magazine. With this borders vouchers,
the winner will have freedom to buy any book of his/her choice.

For those who are not based in Malaysia, no worries at all. If you win

this prize, just let me know what book you want (within $28) and will
send it to your doorstep no matter where you are. Keep my words on
that. :)

# 3 How To Attract Women

“The Player’s Guide: To Picking Up Women” E-book worth $20 (RM70) by Joseph Laslo from How To Attract Women.

Have you ever wonder why some guys attracts girls while some others
don’t? What is it that drives the girls to like a guy so much without
having to be rich, muscular or even good looking? You can make women
get crazy over you just by developing a simple quality.  This is a
definitely must have guide for the single guys out there.