DollarShower SEO Challenge 09 - Win over $1500

Contest URL:
Dollar$hower SEO Challenge 09

Deadline: January 11,2009

Who can Participate:

Any blog that has Google Analytics based tracking as of Dec 01, 2008 can participate in this competition. For more details read the Rules section below:

Sponsors to the event:

This competition prizes are co-sponsored by SEO Hosting, Host Gator, Online Profits (Launching shortly), Bidvertiser and Sponsored Reviews. The banners and graphics are sponsored by TechZoomIn. Please take a moment to visit our sponsors.

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Rules & How to Participate:

The following are the rules of the competition:

1. The competition will be open for subscription from Jan 02nd to Jan 11th 2009 and you can participate using the contact form on this blog. Please do not forget to select SEO Challenge ‘09 as the subject, provide your full name (First, Last), email address and blog URL. In addition your Google Analytics a/c need to be shared in View Only mode to the email address

2. The actual event starts on Jan 12th (considered Week 1 in the score card) and will run for the next five weeks (ends on Feb 15th which is Week 6). The winners will be announced on Feb 16, 2009.

3. The aim of the competition is to increase the search visits to your blog as much as possible and those two who increase their search visits by the maximum percentage will get the first and second prizes. There are a consolation prizes for the next three runner-ups.

4. The base for current search traffic is the average search visits per day for the month of December 2008 (Dec 01st to Dec 31st 2008 - value 1). The increase is

calculated based on the average number of daily search visits from Jan01st to Feb 15th (value 2). Basically ((value 2 - value 1) / value 1) * 100% is the formula to decide the winners). There will be weekly updates provided from Week 1 through Week 6
and the values for these weeks will be again last six weeks daily
average visits. (Due to the continuity sake, the subscription period of
Jan 02 through Jan 11 is also considered for the final weightage. This
is because, most SEO activities you do today reap benefits only after a
few weeks)

5. The competitors’ Google Analytics data will be kept strictly confidential
except for the average number of daily visits needed for the
calculation (Only this number will be published in the scorecard). Take
a look at the sample scorecard here

6. Weekly updates will be provided during the competition. The competitors can also discuss the various SEO strategies
on this page as well as. You may also mail in the strategies and
clarifications as and when requested and selected strategies will be
featured in the weekly updates.

7. Only those who already have their GA code installed as of Dec 01st can participate in this event. The competitors cannot change the position of the GA script during the competition.

8. Those who have very little or no search visits till now can also participate.
In that case, however, the base (average daily search visits for
December ‘08) will be set to 5 to curb explosive growth numbers.

9. Other DON’TS: Black hat SEO techniques, paid
hits etc will not be allowed and those who indulge in the same will be
removed from the competition.

10. Judges’ verdict will be final. Myself and Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips will be the judges for this competition.

Time lines:

Jan 11, 2009 - Last day to enroll

Jan 12, 2009 - Week 1 report updated in the scoreboard

Jan 19, 2009 - Week 2 report

Jan 26, 2009 - Week 3 report

Feb 02, 2009 - Week 4 report

Feb 09, 2009 - Week 5 report

Feb 16, 2009 - Week 6 & Final report on the winners!


First Prize

1 Year Class ‘C’ IP SEO Hosting by SEO Hosting ($420)

PPC Advertiser Campaign by Bidvertiser ($100)

PayPal Cash Prize by Sponsored Reviews ($100)

Second Prize

6 Months Subscription to Online Profits ($288)

1 Year Business Plan Hosting by Host Gator ($180)

Consolation Prizes

Three runner-up prizes of 1 Year shared hosting by Host Gator ($120 each)