Contest URL: Win Cash and Entrecard Credits at EntreDropper

Deadline: February 10, 2009

How to enter:

Answer this question:

Who is your favorite Entrecard blogger OR what is your favorite Entrecard blog site and why?


Post no shorter than 250 words.

Leave a comment in the contest post.


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Grand Winner: $40.00

Second Winner: $30.00

3 More will win: $10.00

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What is your favorite Entrecard blog site and why?

My favorite Entrecard blog site would be Indo Contest. Indo Contest has been my inspiration or example for me to do this little project known as All Blog Contest. From my review of every website or blog that post about blog contest, Indo Contest is the blog that provided that faster and correct information about every contest detail or information that blogger should know. For example this 'Win Cash and Entrecard Credits at EntreDropper' contest, I wouldn't know that this contest is started or even exist if I don't visit Indo Contest. I would say that I visit Indo Contest every hours and day just to keep an update about blog contest.

If you are looking or searching for any blog contest that everyone can participate or join in, visit Indo Contest. Usually, Indo Contest will post something that all blogger can participate in. Hopefully, Indo Contest can give me a tips on how to 'Google' for blog contest. Indo Contest has joined many contests for this couple of month and has won many cool prizes and gift from many website or blog.

Indo Contest is the blog that introduced me about Entrecard. Without Indo Contest, my blog 'Things About Computer' doesn’t have many visitor and the traffic also wouldn't increase for a day. With Entrecard that introduce through the blog contest, my blog All Blog Contest and Things About Computer has increase their traffic for each day. Thank you to Indo Contest for introducing me to Entrecard and giving me and idea to this little project of mine. It has been fun and exciting doing this little project.