Contest URL: Otooo

Deadline: Wednesday 24th December 2008 (9.00 PM Perth, Western Australian time)


WordPress Themes


Consultation Time

  • 1 Hour Blog Consultation With Yan Susanto ($50) from Blog Setup
  • 1 Hour Consultation Time With Robin Haney ($40) from IronBlogger
  • 1 Hour Consultation With Desmond Ong ($29) from Desmond Blog


Logo And Banner Designs

Article Writing

  • 2 x 500 Unique Articles On Any Topic By U.S Writers ($35.94) from Get Me Content



Ad Spots

Text Links

How to enter:

To gain entries, participants must (COMPULSORY):

To gain more entries, participants can (NON-COMPULSORY):

  • Write a blog post about the contest, linking to all sponsors (8 points)
  • Publish a review of any sponsor (6 points)
  • Publish a review of (6 points)
  • Link to any sponsor in their blogroll until the contest ends (3 points)
  • Link to in their blogroll until the contest ends (3 points)
  • Add my blog to your Technorati favourites (3 points)
  • Stumble and review this post (2 points)
  • Publish my banner on their blog linking back to my blog until the contest ends - click here for banner source (4 points)
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